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wreath materials for a "mixed greens" wreath include various needled Michigan grown and western grown boughs and may include: white pine, cedar, noble fir, frasier fir, balsaam fir, etc.

Wreath materials for a "boxwood" wreath consist of a glossy dark green broadleaf evergreen.  These wreaths are suitable for use from Thanksgiving through Christmas, and are an excellent choice for an indoor wreath, for those who are allergic to pines, or for those who value a more traditional Williamsburg look.

All custom wreaths are made to order as specified at Mann's Landscape Gardens. Call, email, or stop in to place your special order wreath

Custom wreath orders placed Nov 15th and 16th will receive a special 10% discount!

Wreath w/ Mixed Greens

8” frame approx 15-18” finished              $15.50 plain            $18.50 w/bow


Wreath w/ Boxwood

8” frame approx 15-18” finished              $18.50 plain             $21.50 w/bow


Wreath w/ Mixed Greens

10” frame approx 20-22” finished             $20.00 plain  or $23.00 w/bow

Wreath w/ Boxwood

10” frame approx 20-22” finished              $23.50 plain              $26.50 w/bow


Wreath w/ Mixed Greens

12” frame approx 22-24” finished               $27.00 plain              $30.00 w/bow


Square Wreath w/ Mixed Greens

12” frame  approx 22-24” finished               $29.00 plain              $33.00 w/bow


Wreath w/ Boxwood

12” frame approx 22-24” finished                $30.00 plain              $33.00 w/bow


Square Wreath w/ Boxwood

12” frame  approx 22-24” finished                $32.00 plain              $35.00 w/bow


Wreath w/ Mixed Greens

14” frame approx 24-26” finished                 $30.50 plain              $33.50 w/bow

Wreath w/Boxwood

14” frame  approx 24-26” finished                $34.00 plain              $37.00 w/bow


Wreath w/ Mixed Greens

18” frame  approx  28-32” finished              $40.00 plain              $43.00 w/bow


Wreath w/ Boxwood

18” frame approx 28-32” finished                 $45 plain                  $49.00 w/bow


Wreath w/ Mixed Greens

24” frame approx 35-39” finished               $52.00 plain              $56.00 w/bow

Wreath w/ Boxwood

24” frame approx 35-39” finished               $60.00 plain              $64.00 w/bow

Holiday Arrangement- Elegant or simple, create a centerpiece for your home with matching accessories and flowers

Other available items:

Decorated Swags


30” w/ bow                  $16.00 each





Cedar  25’ coil   

Mixed (w/ white pine, Frasier, cedar, etc)   25’ coil  


Live Potted Trees (Locally Grown) Available 11/23/07


4’ Frasier and Norway Spruce  


Fresh Cut Christmas Trees (Locally Grown) Available 11/23/07


6-8’ Balsam Fir 

9’ Balsam Fir 


10’ Balsam Fir 

6’ Frasier Fir 

8’ Frasier Fir



In-Store Items


Sweet Huck $3.99/bunch  white branches w/glitter


Velvet Amaryllis           $5.99 each


Lacquered Apples   $1.25 each


Peacock   $4.25 each


Tall Berry Spray $2.75 each (like Michigan Holly)