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Fall/Winter Issue 2007

Fall Bulbs

It’s a great time to get those fall bulbs in the ground for spring blooming beauty. Have deer? No worries, Daffodils offer a wide variety of colors, sizes and blooming times, and those munchers will leave your beauties alone
Tar Spot Reminder

Again many maple trees were afflicted by the fungus that causes tar spot, a round, dark black circle that resembles well, a spot of tar. The past few years have proven to be gangbuster years for the unsightly symptoms.

While this fungus is not aesthetically pleasing, it really does not cause any harm to the tree. One cultural practice that may help reduce this problem is to rake fallen maple leaves and bag them or bury them in a location away from your other maple trees. Leaving affected leaves on the ground through spring keeps the active fungus around and ready to attack again.

Planting information and mulch availability

Wondering where summer went and kicking yourself for not getting more done?? The growing season is coming to a quick end, but it is not too late to plant, nor is it too late to apply mulch.

Fall is a great time to plant and it allows your plants to get a jumpstart on spring. With great sales, you’ll be glad you did. You can plant anytime you can physically get a shovel in the ground. Just remember to install plants that are acclimated to our climate and are going into dormancy. Beware of a “fresh delivery” of stock from the south. We can still special order most items that will ship from Michigan. Let us know if there is anything you are looking for.

We stock mulch through December, so give us a call we’ll be happy to deliver, or you are welcome to pick-up. Our maximum delivery load is 12 yards. 1 yard covers a 10 x 10 area 3-4 inches thick

Holiday Availability

This year Mann’s Landscape will be offering a wide selection of fresh cut Michigan grown Christmas trees including Balsam Fir, Canaan Fir and Frasier Fir. Live potted trees will also be available.

Fresh garland/roping, custom wreaths and swags, fresh boughs for decorating, and other seasonal items will also be available. Custom orders are now being taken for wreaths and arrangements. Stop by and check out our selection, or to discuss your specific needs.

Mann’s Open House

Our Holiday Open House will be Saturday, December 8, and Sunday December 9, 2006. Stop by for a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and some snacks while you shop for your tree, wreath or other holiday decorations. We will have special discounts on items during this weekend. All in stock fresh wreaths, swags and cut trees will be 15% off regular prices

Holiday Classes

We are offering our popular holiday hands-on classes again this year. Wreaths and arrangements are easy and fun to make, and provide for a fun evening for yourself or with a friend. You can attend our scheduled classes or gather up a minimum of 5 friends and arrange a class with Sherri on a day or time that better fits your schedule. Bringing a pair of pruners is recommended, but not required.

Boxwood Wreath
 Boxwood is a dark green, shiny, broadleaf evergreen that makes gorgeous long lasting wreaths. This wreath is suitable for use before Thanksgiving without a bow, and great through Christmas with holiday accents. It can also be placed indoors and will not drop needles. Choose this option for both special holidays for longest lasting appeal.

Monday, November 12th, 6-7:30 pm cost:$25*
Mixed Evergreen Wreath-create a beautiful fresh wreath with your choice of accessories and bow

Tuesday, November 27th 6:00-7:30 pm cost: $25.00*


Wednesday, December 5th 6:00 pm-7:30 pm cost: $25.00*

Holiday Arrangement
 - Elegant or simple, create a centerpiece for your home with matching accessories and flowers-

Thursday, December 19th 6:00-7:30pm cost:$25.00
**classes must be pre-paid and are non refundable

Custom order wreaths

Our ever-popular fresh custom wreaths are available again this year. Check out our prices on our website, or stop in to place your order. Custom wreath orders placed (by phone or in person) on Nov 15 or Nov 16 will receive an extra 10% off. Dates for pick-up will be specified by the customer.

Ask Olivia
Dear Olivia,

My family would like to purchase a tree for our yard. We have decided that we would like to choose a deciduous tree. Maybe someday I can have my own tree fort!

My parents called your shop to ask them about varieties and prices. Your Mom was very helpful, but she kept referring to terms like “25 gallon” and “B+B”. When we sat down at the dinner table to discuss our tree purchase, we were all a little confused by these terms. I told my family that I would ask you!

Dear friend,

My mom gets so excited about plants, she forgets not everyone knows all the terms associated with the nursery industry, so it is ok to be confused, let’s see if we can sort this out for you.

Plants are grown a variety of ways, but these are the 2 ways they are sold to garden centers:

1. Grown in containers and sold by the container size. The container size is measured in gallons. Sizes, for example, include 5 gallon, 7 gallon, 10 gallon, 25 gallon.

2. Field grown; balled and burlapped. These plants are sold by the caliper size

Container grown plants are not raised in soil, they are raised in a soilless mix, so that they are easily transportable. Soilless mix is a lot lighter then native soil. Ron and my Mom like selling these trees, because they are easily lifted into the back of a truck. They are also easily moved through the yard. Most of our 25 gallon trees can be moved by 2 strong people.. The confusing part about purchasing container grown trees, is that the consistency lies in the size of the container. Sometimes we have trees in 25 gallon containers that are on the large side, and sometimes they are on the smaller size.

When it comes to B+B trees (balled and burlapped), trees are dug out of the field at a certain caliper size, then placed in burlap and wire baskets. Caliper measurement is the width in inches of the trunk 6 inches above the ground on trees that are less than 4 inches wide. FYI- a 4 inch caliper tree is considered to be a large tree to be sold at a garden center. So if your parents order an exact size of a tree, say a 2 inch Crimson King Maple, they will know exactly how big the tree will be. The negative of B+B trees for your situation, is that this is not a tree your family can plant yourselves because larger caliper trees are very heavy. You would need equipment, or you would need to have our staff plant it. These trees also tend to be a bit more expensive.

So here is the secret trick, look for large trees in 25 gallon containers if this is a do-it-yourself job. And remember, it’s not too late to plant!

Our Field Reporter (and my sister) Madilyn adds:

Soilless mix has a variety of applications. Certain formulas are used for nursery stock, like growing trees and shrubs. Other formulations are created just for container plantings in your yard and home. These mixes provide superior results in window boxes(they also weigh considerably less) & pots as compared to the use of soil, or potting soil. Since Annuals are a top choice for planters, & the growing season is so short, they need the lightest material to grow in for the best effects. mixes provide excellent aeration, & they provide little resistance for the new roots to grow against. We stock 3 cu ft bags of mix.