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Helping to make your landscape dream a reality

At Gull Lake Landscape Co, we strive to provide our customers with top quality plant material, and the knowledge to help homeowners succeed with their planting projects. Our helpful staff will help you create the outdoor living space that you desire to add beauty to your surroundings.

We have two full time CGIP (Certified Green Industry Professionals) and a Master Gardener on staff to help you choose the best plants for your project area.  We pride ourselves in helping our customers to make appropriate choices in plant material so that your efforts will grow and thrive.

We offer full custom landscape design services, as well as advice on garden areas.  Our landscape designer, Bruce, will create a professional design that can be implemented by our crews, or done by the homeowner. 

Our garden center staff is happy to help answer any plant questions you might have, as well as help you choose plants for your gardens. Information about lighting, soil type and space are crucial to our recommendations of plant material